Guitar Heroes on

Today I was watching a talk on which had the word "guitar hero" in it. Look what the related links section of the page showed at this very moment:

Here is the link to the talk

Mr. W

Please Say Something

PSS is a unique animation series by David OReilly.
The sound was done by David Kamp has an impressive collection of 20th century art film and audio material you normally don't get.

Randy Pausch on childhood dreams

As one of six million people you might have already seen this. If not - don't miss it.

Randy Pausch on time management

This video takes an hour - and might save you years :)

Gerald McBoing-Boing

Where The Hell Is Matt?

That's the question!

Tips on Presentations

This one helped me a lot. No matter if you use PowerPoint, Keynote, LaTeX or whatever. With these 20 minutes of expert advice in mind it will be hard to create a boring slide show ever again.

Tips on Hygiene

Another 2 minutes of expert advice

Simon's Cat

SHIFT - A two-sided computer game

Requires some skill and imagination
play it here

Bitfilm Festival 2008

Here are a few films I specially enjoyed:
Fast Cars
Our Wonderful Nature
Even Pigeons Go To Heaven